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August, 2022

The Wedding of Leslie Carmel Breibart
James Joseph McAvoy

On a warm California evening, Leslie and Jim were married at the Del Valle Winery in Livermore, home of the secretive Lawrence Livermore Lab and The Centennial Light, the world's longest lasting light bulb, burning since 1901.

The brief ceremony on May 21 was officiated by Blythe Hanley, Leslie's friend from their days at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

In his remarks during the ceremony, Jim quoted the immortal words of Lou Gehrig."...Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth."

Leslie is the daughter of Jack and the late Paula Breibart and the late Linda Braum, her biological mother. Jim is the son of the late Aileen and Harold McAvoy, of Fresno, Ca.

Leslie, without attendants, was excorted down the grass aisle by Jack.

In attendance were Jim's two daughters, Camille and Rose, from a previous marriage and his siblings, Anne, John and Joan. Leslie's brother, Craig, his wife, Laurie, and two sons, Jacob and Kyle, were also in attendance along with Leslie's cousins: Mark from Boston, Becka from Missoula, Barry from Charleston and Leah from Santa Monica.

Leslie is employed in the architectural divison of the global company, Integrated Project Services Design Build and Jim by Central Concrete of South San Francisco.

The couple is residing at Jim's long-time home in San Leandro, Ca. with dog Jackson and cats Caroline (male
and Nina and Simone (female)

Jack and Leslie. Jim stomps the wine glass in the traditional end to the ceremony as Blythe looks on. (Photo by Becka)

by Lisa Duncan




Photo by Barry


















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Barry remembers the taste and aromas of the store.

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Sara and Solly and Mickey (Courtesy of Carol and Stanley)

What Carol Liked About 753 Meeting St.
All the candy, potato chips and Pepsi - and the loose cigarettes that cost three cents a piece. "Mixing drinks" in the back yard with Stanley and Richard- jumping over the stairs to the landing over and over again. Spending New Year's Eve with Granny, watching soap operas with her and her teaching me how to knit. Sitting in the window of the liquor store - and going outside to kick my brand new boots off my feet up in the air. Uncle George calling me LuLu (which is now my cat's name). Richard getting drunk at Seder and throwing up. And of course being the only girl. Oh, and Papa saying that Leslie was "frisky".


Sara at 96

Sara celebrated her 96th birthday on July 15 at Magnolia's restaurant in Charleston. With her were her daughter, Carol, left, and granddaughters Emma, center, and Becka, right.